Types of Apps

Freshdesk apps are classified into 3 types:

  1. Freshdesk App: Freshdesk apps are built using the Freshdesk SDK and extend the functionality of your Freshdesk agent portal. They can be installed from the Freshdesk Marketplace. To submit a Freshdesk app, see Freshdesk Apps.

    You can also submit a paid app that enables you to generate revenue whenever your app is installed by a customer from the Freshdesk Marketplace. For each Sale, we will pay you an amount ("Revenue Share") equal to eighty percent (80%) of the amount received by Freshdesk from the Sale. Such amounts exclude taxes and any separately stated fees or charges. Once you upload a paid app, you cannot change it to a free app or vice versa. Instead, you can upload it as a new app with a different name. For more information, refer CHARGES, PAYMENT OF REVENUE SHARE AND RELATED TERMS section in Terms of Use.

    To submit a Freshdesk paid app, see Freshdesk Paid Apps.

  2. Custom App: These are Freshdesk apps that are created based on specific customer requirements and will be available only to that customer. To submit a custom app to Freshdesk, see Custom Apps.

  3. External App: External apps integrate Freshdesk functionality into a third party product using Freshdesk APIs. They are listed on the Freshdesk Marketplace, but are installed from the third party product. To submit an External app, see External Apps.

Note: In order to submit your app, you will need a Freshdesk account. If you do not have a Freshdesk account, you can sign up for free.