1. Unable to perform local testing, why?
    If you are including $request or data store feature in your app, you will need to enable "Load unsafe scripts" option to test your app. During local testing, you may see a shield icon in the browser address bar, clicking on the icon will display a warning message. This warning message is displayed as the support portal runs on HTTPS while the server that is used for local testing runs on HTTP. Click the "Load unsafe scripts" link to continue your local testing.

  2. How to include external third-party javascript libraries?
    In the app.js file, you can use the following code to include external libraries: Copied Copy
    Where, url is the link to the external library.

  3. How to access features ($db, $request, $container) within callback?
    You should assign “this” context to a variable, and use the variable within the callback function as shown in the below example: Copied Copy
    var that = this; this.$db.get("ticket:101") .done(function(data) { jQuery(that.$container).find(#id).text("Success"); }) .fail(function(error_data) { console.log(error_data) });

  4. Unable to log in as a developer, why?
    Login to your Freshdesk Admin portal, go to Admin -> Security, turn ON the Secure Connection using SSL toggle and click Save.

  5. Have any feedback for us or have any questions about the SDK?
    You can contact us at support@freshdesk.com. You can also start a discussion on our Developer Forums.